Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Ohio.  As I mentioned a few posts ago, we flew and Aubree did not do well at all.  I think her slight cold may have been the problem.  On the way home, she did fine...extremely restless and busy, but that's her. :)

It was a great always is.  I'm still trying to wean myself off from eating like it's still Thanksgiving. :)
I took this picture about a minute after Amber (Dean's little cousin) arrived.  They  picked up right where they left off last year and literally played ALL week.  I feel like I hardly even saw Ayla.

Aren't they cute? :)

All smiles on Great Aunt Laurie's lap!

This was our home for the week!  Dean and I slept in that overhang area above the front seats.  Ayla was on the folded down bench seat; Aubree's pack n play was right across from Ayla where the "kitchen table" was...and Dean's parents were back in the bedroom.  It actually worked out really well.  The girls went to bed at their regular times with no issues (it took Ayla a while to fall asleep the first night).  We'd lock the doors, go back inside the house, and turn on the video monitor.  We ended up having to get a humidifier because it was so dry in Aubree needed something to help relieve her cold.  She had trouble sleeping through the night while we were there.  Poor thing.  One night, Dean ended up taking her inside to sleep for the rest of the night.  All in all, we thought it worked well enough to rent it again next year.

Hanging out with Great Grandpa!

Bath time!  (They dropped some Elmo bath colors in to make the water pink!)


Dean and Ayla went to the Ohio Caverns with his aunt and uncle and Amber.  The girlies are checking out some fun things in the gift shop.

Have you seen so many patterns in one picture? :)

Snuggle time!

Doing each other's hair before Thanksgiving dinner.

Hanging out with Great Aunt Shari.

The whole clan...25 people this year!

Building blocks with Great Uncle Dean and cousin Sam.

Happy girl right before she landed weird on her arm ...she ended up having  Nursemaid's Elbow again (this happened to her maybe a year and a half ago where one of the bones in her arm comes out of the ligament).  I was putting Aubree to bed so I didn't see it happen.  When I came back inside, she was sitting on the couch crying with her little arm propped up on a pillow.  She's not the type of child to milk an injury so I knew she was hurting when she kept crying.  Dean and his dad had to take her to the ER (on Thanksgiving night).  While we were getting her buckled up in her carseat, she cried pretty hard...the kind of cry that rips my heart out.  I felt sooo bad for her.  Luckily, they got in quickly.  Normally, they have to do a little move to pop the bone back in place, but like the first time it happened, Dean thinks it may have popped back in on its own.  The doctor wanted to make sure she could use her arm again but she didn't budge until he held up a handful of stickers. :)  She came home an hour past her bedtime but deliriously happy.  She handed out hugs and stickers and went to bed like nothing had even happened.

Bed time stories!


These are from a couple of weeks ago.  (I'm trying to catch up on uploading pictures.)  Ayla decided to give her sister some props.  Aubree happily played along. :)  And notice Ayla is pantless...a common thing as soon as we get home.  For some reason, she doesn't like pants or socks.  She's going to love me for these pictures someday. :)

I can't resist taking pictures of her eating so I have proof that she actually does it. :)

Check out that chubby hand!!!  I love it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Aubree: 8-month pics

I ended up taking a few pictures of Aubree while we were in Ohio.  If I have time, I might take some more this weekend.  In the words of her Aunt Marla, she's so "yummy." :)