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A couple weeks into summer break, we surprised the girls with a mini-vacation to Adventureland. It was a surprise mainly because if we tell them about something fun ahead of time, they proceed to ask when it's time to go about 97 times a day until we get to that day. :) It was the perfect little getaway for all of us. Just a quick 2 1/2 hour drive. They're at a great age for a park like this. There was plenty for them to do and there's lots more for them to grow into as we continue to go the next few years. It was such a fun day and they were both such good girls. ZERO meltdowns. I'd say it was a success! I know it really helped that my friend, Jamie, and her two boys met us there for a couple of hours (they live nearby). Her older son, Jayce, was such a good sport and took the three little ones on a bunch of rides. After several hours at the park, we went to dinner and headed back to the hotel for a quick swim and then got the exhausted girlies into bed. Dean and I were able to kick back with a couple of drinks once they were out. GREAT day with lots of fun memories made. :)

My parents gave them each some money to pick out a souvenir. After lots of browsing, Ayla picked out this soft cuddly owl and Aubree went with this stiff, 2-foot giraffe that can stand on its own. Hilarious. :)

We have a FIRST grader!

Where did the summer go?! I remember thinking when school got out for the summer that it was going to be a long 2 1/2 months but it FLEW by. I can't believe they're already back in school!

Ayla was super excited and ready to go back. I had her alarm set for 7:05. She was dressed and out of her room at 7:06. :) Poor Aubree was a different story...I had to go in and wake her up and carry her downstairs.

After breakfast, we took our usual first day of school pictures. I forgot to take one WITH them so in the car, I told Ayla I'd like to take one before she walks into the school. She said, "Ok, but can we take it where there aren't a lot of people?" :( I asked her why and she said so it wouldn't be so crowded and so there wouldn't be a bunch of people in the background. I think she was just trying to spare my feelings. Sad. As we walked toward the school, I kept glancing down at her and she had a permanent smile on her face and every once in a while, she let out an involuntary giggle because she just couldn't contain her excitement. It was so cute.

I was so much more emotional sending her off this year. Last year, it was exciting and new and I couldn't help but be so excited for her. This year, I felt like I was sending in such a mature, confident little lady and not a tiny child and because last year went by so quickly and I just know each year will go just as fast. 

She came home with a smile and was happy to tell me about her day. She and her two best little girlfriends all three ended up in different classes this year but they found each other at lunch and recess so all is well. :) 

She learned and grew so much last year. I can't wait to see what first grade brings!