Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoo with cousins!

My brother and sis-in-law, Surina, were so sweet to take Ayla along with them to the zoo today.  Ayla was so excited this morning, she could hardly stand it.  She scarfed down her whole breakfast and waited anxiously for my brother to come pick her up.  She must have asked me a dozen times why he was taking so long while she waited at the door. :)  She had a blast with her cousins and from what I hear, she was a very good girl the whole time and even ate well for lunch (always a bonus). 

Before heading out!

This picture so accurately depicts how she feels about her cousins...especially Bennett...she just ADORES him and he has always been so sweet to her.  So cute.

More projects!

I've been having a hard time coming up with projects for Miss Aubree because she puts everything in her mouth.  I have to come up with things she can't possibly eat, but somehow she still finds a way.  I filled an egg carton with a variety of different objects...different colors, shapes, textures, etc.  I sat her down and when I opened the carton, her whole face lit up (the picture didn't capture that look, unfortunately).  I was so excited that she liked it...she took out each little thing and checked it out.  I looked down after a couple minutes and there she was gnawing on the egg carton.  Sigh.  After she ate a chunk of it, I decided to retire this "project".  I've resorted to letting her play with her food so I don't have to worry about her eating something that she shouldn't be eating.  It's so interesting how she concentrates so hard on running her finger through a blob of applesauce or yogurt.  I'm sure the wheels in her head are spinning while she's doing it.  Whatever works, I s'pose. :)

Ayla's still been digging her new skill--scissors.  I figured I could test this skill by drawing shapes on paper and having her cut along the lines.  She's a little shaky, but she understands what she's supposed to do.  She cut out shapes to make a few construction paper animals.  My goal lately is to get her to realize it's okay to get a little messy...that we can WASH.  She doesn't want to get anything on her glue, no paint, nothing.  Any suggestions on how to ease her worries?

Posing with her new animal friends!

We also painted rocks, but it didn't last long because she didn't want to pick them up and risk getting paint on her hands.  Each rock just received a few blobs of paint on top. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's official...

We're moving!

In six to eight months. :)

We're building a new home and we're soooo excited!

How does she sleep like this? :)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dean's a giant.

I bought these cute little bananas (called manzanos) thinking they were the perfect size for Ayla.  Turns out, they taste like poo.  Different texture and different taste than a regular 'ol banana.  Ayla took one bite and started dry-heaving.  I had to coax her down from the I'm-about-to-puke-up-my-whole-breakfast ledge.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ziploc baggie finger painting

I found this idea on Pinterest--squirt some paint into big Ziploc bags, get the air out, and tape all four sides to a window and let them "finger paint" without the mess.  I wanted something that Aubree could participate in.  Usually Ayla and I work on things while she's napping so it was fun for her to do something, too.  They both loved it, but it lasted less than ten minutes.  Still something cool and different though. 

Note to self--don't use cheap-y bags from the dollar store.  Aubree did just what I was afraid of.  Her little fingers scraped the bag and created a cut so paint got out.  I didn't realize it until Ayla asked why Aubree's bag felt so "drippy."  Right when she said that, I knew it was leaking.  I tried not to react because she would freak out that it was messy.  Before I could say anything, she wiped her hand on her dress not knowing that her hand was covered with teal paint.  When she realized it, she pretty much freeeeaked out.  She held her hand out like it was on fire and just froze with a pained look on her face.  That reaction was doubled when she looked down at her dress and saw paint all over it.  Thank goodness it was Washable Crayola Finger Paint because it all came out with very little effort. :)

Aubree used her cheek to paint. :)

Ayla's work of art.

"Mommy!!  UGHHHGHGH! I'm messy!!!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day pics

I completely forgot about posting these pictures!  Remember I forgot my camera when we went over to my brother's house the day before Mother's Day to celebrate with my family?  My dad sent over the ones he took (and the ones I took on his camera).

My cutie-patootie, niece Makayla.

I'm surprised we even got a picture with Ayla in it.  Typically, once we set foot in my brother's house, she's nowhere to be seen the entire time.  She has sooo much fun playing with all of her cousins...we always have to drag her out of there with tears rolling down her cheeks.

My nephew Bennett throwing a mean spiral...cutest little man ever.


Ayla being a stinker...Haylee's always up for a picture. :)

Haylee helping Nai-Nai open her present.

Water balloons and the zoo

Last weekend Dean got out the water balloons, set up the sprinkler and the kids came running. :)  He sat in that chair with a beer and filled balloon after balloon.  I was commenting to him about how something so simple as water can make kids so happy.

Aubree saying hi to the doggies...we watched my brother's two little dogs for the weekend.

Popping water balloons on each other's heads.

Sunday was GORGEOUS so after Aubree's nap, we headed to the zoo for the first time this year (slackers, we know).  Grandma and Grandpa met us there and we spent a couple of hours walking around and enjoying the weather.  I wasn't sure if Aubree would be in to it or not but she LOVED it!  She  couldn't stop looking around and pointing at things.

LOVE my family pics!

Love her face in this one...she was so excited to sit on those gorillas!

TWO family pictures in one day! :)

We bought a zoo membership so hopefully we end up going more often...famous last words. :)  We bought one last year, too, and only went three times...just enough to break even on the cost of a membership. :)