Thursday, June 27, 2013


These pictures are from the last day of Vacation Bible School.  They sang a bunch of the songs they learned during the week and we were shown a slide show of photos that were taken during the week.  Afterwards, we all went outside for a picnic lunch. :) 

Rain, rain, go away!

During one of our super rainy weekends a couple weeks back, Ayla excitedly ran inside and grabbed her raincoat and found Aubree's too.  She also pulled on her fuzzy winter boots and was ready to go. :)  They both looked so darn cute running around the yard, I couldn't resist taking a bunch of pictures.  I really need to grab my camera more often and not rely solely on Instagram photos.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some Instagram, but "real" pictures are so much better.

We've had a busy, busy summer so far.  It seems like between trips, taking pictures, holidays, birthdays, etc, we don't have a single free weekend until this fall.  Ayla is loving her ballet/tap class.  She has a couple more classes to go until it's over.  Every time I pick her up after class, she is so thrilled to tell me that she listened well and did everything her teacher taught her. :)  Yet, she is too bashful to show me any of her moves.  I've seen a couple here and there, but for the most part, she keeps them to herself.  I need to look into a regular class I can put her in during the school year.  She also went to Vacation Bible School...this was her second year to do it and once again, she really enjoyed it.  She was so bummed when it was over.  She was given a cd with all of the songs they sang all week...I'm always amazed at how quickly she learns all the words.  When she sings, she actually is pretty on-key. I was treated to a mini-concert at home.  She had me play the cd while she stood on a step stool and performed all of the songs, hand movements and all. :)  Super cute.

Aubree is still a ball of fire, plus some.  She is hilariously naughty.  That's the best way I can even begin to describe it.  If she can spill it, break it, mess it up, step on it, throw it, ruin it, she will...with a smile on her face. She is all toddler, that's for sure...a toddler in the midst of her "terrible two's."  She really is very easygoing most of the time...especially with an extremely bossy and particular big sister.  However, if she wakes up on the wrong side of the crib, we have to deal with a hysterical little she-devil for a good chunk of time.  I've found that if I just ignore her during one of her tantrums, she snaps out of it rather quickly.  I've gotten really good at tuning things out the last few years. :)  Just to give you an idea of what she is like:

My nephew Bennett was frantically looking for his water gun as he was getting ready to leave my parents' house.  After searching for several minutes, my brother told him they had to leave and would look for it next time.  After they left, my dad sat down on the couch and when he leaned back, was surprised to feel something behind the pillow.  He sat up and pulled out the water gun.  Fast forward a few more minutes--I see Aubree stuffing random items in the couch cushions. *Light bulb goes off*  I said, "Aubree, did you hide Bennett's water gun?"  She says, "Yup!"  "Why," I ask.  Her response?  "Because I'm NAUGHTY!"  Hilarious.  Seriously, I've said it before, but she is a freaking riot.  Such a big personality in that tiny little round-bellied body.  She never stops talking or singing--all taught by Ayla.  Although, she has the strangest accent...I've decided she's either from Boston or India.  One or the other...maybe both.

It's busy, I'm exhausted, and there's always too much to do...but we're having fun. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At Uncle Ping's waiting for Ayla's dance class to be over!


As you can probably tell from the Instagram pictures I've posted the last few days, we were in Chicago.  Dean's cousin, Bryson and his fiancĂ©e, Natalia got married!  It was a gorgeous wedding...every last detail about it was planned so perfectly and fit them so well.  I will have pictures to post from the ceremony...

We hit the road early Thursday morning and drove back yesterday.  A HUGE HUGE thank you to my parents for taking the girls the entire time we were gone.  It's not easy chasing after those two all day long! 

It was a great long weekend--awesome food, lots of drinks (too many, really...I couldn't keep up), sightseeing, shopping, family, and a BEAUTIFUL wedding.  Love, love, love.

Saturday, June 22, 2013