Thursday, March 26, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

Aubree's Birthday!

She's four! :) On their birthdays, we kind of just let them run the show and choose what they'd like to do, within reason, of course. 
I decorated the outside of her door after she went to bed the night before.

Her reaction when she opened the door was so cute! Unfortunately, I couldn't get the video camera to turn on quick enough to catch it!

I let her open a couple of presents and then said we should wait for Daddy to do the rest.

Birthday breakfast!

She requested waffles with whipped cream & sprinkles, strawberries, and cottage cheese with "Daddy Sprinkles" (season salt).

Next, she wanted some make up--blush, eye shadow, and a tiny bit of mascara. :)

She said the brush tickled. :)

Quick birthday Face Time call with Yeh-Yeh and Nai-Nai (they're in Taiwan right now.)

Dressed and ready for the day with her present from Big Sister Ayla.

First stop ; the airport to pick up Daddy (he was in Dallas for a few days for a work conference).

Waiting for airplanes to land.

We strolled through the gift shop and took a picture with Snoopy to kill some time.

Still waiting...cute lil face.


She was full of stories to tell him!

So happy to have Daddy home!

They both wanted to help pull the luggage.

Kody getting some love from Ayla.

After picking up Dean, we headed home to open the rest of her presents.

She was dying to get this "color changing dog" with a Barbie. She saw it on a commercial and wouldn't stop asking for it! Good thing for Amazon because I found it!

Baymax from Big Hero 6 (such a cute movie!)

When you press his chest, he says lines from the movie. She was getting such a kick out of continuously pushing the button.

Playing with her new Barbie before lunch.

Hot dogs in her new doggie hot dog holder and bananas for lunch!

Next up? Pedicures!

They were both so cute to watch!

She was watching the lady so intently.

She got squirmy and giggly when the lady scrubbed the bottoms of her feet. :)

The finished product! Pretty little toes!

Next, free ferris wheel ride at Scheel's!

She was really snuggly with Dean while we waited in line. Afterwards, her belly really started to hurt so we headed home so we could try and make it feel better.

After relaxing with her owl heat pack and a Tum, she was good to go.

She was happy to just go outside and play for a while. It was really nice out!

Next, she wanted to go back inside and watch the new Barbie movie we got her.

Grandma and Grandpa brought over balloons! The mylar one is ginormous...this picture doesn't do it justice!

And Aunt Marla brought her flowers!

Finishing up the movie before heading to dinner.

She picked Red Robin, of course. :)

Watching the servers sing her happy birthday!

Ice cream!!

Snuggling with Grandpa!

Playing a driving game with Aunt Marla after dinner.

Candy grabbing game with Daddy

Being silly in the car 

Showing off her new balloons!

Another fun, fun day! I think we were all exhausted by the end of the day!