Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cribs and bedding

Dean went to the grocery store this morning to grab some stuff for breakfast and he came home with roses for me...awwww.

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart today to look at cribs, bedding, and rockers...we weren't planning on buying anything...just wanted to get some ideas and see what we like and don't like.

We're leaning towards dark wood for the crib...we found one we really liked...very sleek and simple. We didn't care for any of the rockers that we saw though. If the Mart doesn't have one, I don't know where else we're going to find one!

We also went over to Kid's Stuff and I found bedding that I really like if it's a boy. For a girl, I have a picture in my head of what I want it to look like, but so far, I have yet to find it. We still have plenty of time...

Still feeling pretty well...have a case of the "itchies" though! For a while, the area around my belly button was really itchy and now the entire area from the top of my chest to the bottom of my belly itches like CRAZY!!! I thought maybe it was a reaction to the lotion I was using, so I stopped using it for a couple days but it didn't help. Now I'm all red and splotchy from's like a giant mosquito bite! I'll have to ask the doctor about it at our next appointment on Friday!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I finally got my butt off the couch and went out!

I haven't gone out since I found out I was the time I get home from work at either 8:30 or 9:30, all I want to do is SIT.

This past weekend, however, Lisa (one of my very very best friends), moved home from Chicago so we all went out on Saturday night to celebrate. It was really great to see everybody! I sipped on cranberry juice and lemonade and just enjoyed the company. Dean and I stayed out until the (smoke-free) bar closed and we even went to Taco Bell for a late-night snack! It definitely tastes better when you've been drinking...

Yesterday (Easter), we went to Ping and Lindsey's house for brunch...Ping made all kinds of yummy food!!! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the's the time of day when I don't feel sick at all, so I ate. A LOT. Afterwards, we came home and I took a two-hour nap! It was a good one. And then we headed over to Dean's parents' house for dinner...MORE good food. I ate enough for five people yesterday...

Dean took another picture of me (my belly) yesterday. We took one two weeks ago and I was shocked that there was a noticeable difference between the two pictures!!! Maybe it was all the food I ate!
Nothing too new to report...still the same 'ol symptoms as before. I keep waiting for the "good" symptoms that I keep hearing about...the thick, shiny hair, radiant skin, great nails. Instead, I feel like a greasy ball of gas. Mmm, pretty.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! Have fun and be careful for those of you who are planning on going out...have a few green beers for me!

Things are still going well! It seems like every other day, we find out that someone else is pregnant! There's something in the water, I think. This past Saturday, we went to our friends' (Jim and Lacy) son's first birthday party and there were five pregnant women there! Crazy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today has been a really good day...haven't felt nauseous at all, so I took advantage of that and ate everything I could get my hands on. It seems like I have a couple good days and a couple bad ones, which I'll take over being sick ALL the time.

A couple new symptoms have started...two very attractive ones, I might add. Pimples and burping. My face seems to be a little more oily so I keep getting little zits here and there. And the burping...all I can say is at least it's not farting...yet. Gross!

Oh and one more...I'm surprised that I already cannot make it through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. It's been hard getting used to because prior to getting pregnant, I would RARELY have to get up to go. Last night, I got up twice...that's a first!

Symptoms or not, everything is going really well...I LOVE reading about what's happening with the baby. I'm just amazed with the whole's incredible. And thank you to all my friends and family members who are moms and have been giving me the best advice...the kind that books and doctors cannot give. I love hearing all of your ideas, experiences, and stories...even if some of them freak me out (Surina).

Friday, March 7, 2008

First Appointment

I had my first appointment today! I think I was pretty anxious to get there...I ended up being 20 minutes early. I didn't realize that it only takes five minutes to get to the doctor's office from our house.

Everything went really well--we found out that I am 8 weeks and 1 day today and that my due date is October 16, only a few days later than what I had guessed!

The nurse asked me how I am with getting blood drawn...I told her I didn't love it, so she had me lay down on the table while she drew it. Good idea, because I sometimes get a little light-headed even with one vial of blood. I'm a big baby. Dean was standing on the other side of me, holding my hand, and telling me about his day. I have no idea what he was saying...I was too busy thinking about the needle in my arm. The nurse was really good though...she took five (I think) tubes of blood in no time. That was the worst part of the appointment!

Since my cycles were so abnormal, they wanted to do an ultrasound in order to pinpoint how far along I am and to give me a due date. It was sooooooo cool!!! I think I needed to see that little blob on that screen to really convince me that I am, in fact, pregnant. It made it real. We were even able to see the little heart beating and flickering. It was beating at 180bpm, which they said was slows down a little by my next appointment. It may be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I think I could have sat and stared at that screen all day. We have two ultrasound pictures...I'll post one!
I'm also going to post a few pictures of Dean and me in San Diego last weekend...our trip was great! It was really nice to get away for a weekend and just relax. We went to a couple beaches, saw seals, shopped, ate, and visited my aunt and cousins. I made it through most of the weekend without feeling too was perfect! My next appointment is in four weeks--April 4, 2008.

Thank you everyone for your guestbook entries...I love them...they make me all teary-eyed. Darn hormones.