Saturday, December 31, 2011

Outfit of the Day

I couldn't resist posting just a couple more pictures today.  I started to get Ayla dressed--I chose the yellow cardigan with the striped top underneath and was planning on putting jeans on her.  She had different plans. :)  It's actually kind of that weird, mismatched kind of way.

Last stop: More presents and Christmas dinner

After finishing up presents at Dean's parents', we went over to my brother's house for...yep...more presents.  Ping and Surina cooked up a feast for over 20 people!  I think because they were so busy cooking and being great hosts, I didn't get a single picture of them together. :(  

Ayla had a blast playing with all of her cousins...there were ten kids all 11-years old and under.  I'm not sure I even saw Ayla the whole time we were there and when it was time to go, we pretty much had to drag her out kicking and screaming.  Jo-Jo (Uncle Ping) and Aunt Surina's house is always too much fun. :)
Random picture, but somehow it's fun to see my dad messing with a hot pink guitar. :)
Surina's little sister, Sarah.
One of the two newest additions to my brother's family, Romeo.  (His other half, Juliet, was nowhere to be seen.)

All the kids waiting patiently to open presents.
Cousins!  I love these next few pictures.  I think we eventually got all the kids in...not an easy thing to do.

I love the look on Bennett's face!

Gavin is sooo sweet with Aubree!

Makayla...doesn't she look ornery?! :)

My cousin Anita with her niece, Caitlin.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Next stop: Grandma & Grandpa's

After doing Santa gifts at home, we packed up and headed back to Dean's parents' for more presents.
It's ridonculous how many presents there are!
Every year, someone plays Santa and has the job of handing out all of the presents.  All these years and I'd never done it til now.

It's not Christmas until you stick a Santa hat on a baby who hates it. :)

All those fun presents and this bubble wrap proved to be pretty high on the list of entertainment value.