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Dean and I were in Cancun last week, which happened to be when the girls had conferences. We had Aubree's before we left and Ayla's today.  I'm so proud to report that they both went really well.

First Aubree--her teacher was just as excited about her as she was during her last conference. It's mind boggling sometimes to think that this crazy little girl who doesn't listen to a word I say is doing so incredibly well. Her teacher said she is way above all of the kids in her class in all areas. She had a checklist of everything they've been working on and she said in all her years of teaching, she's never had this many things checked off for a student of Aubree's age. She said she wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in gifted classes in the future. Again, crazy. She said when she asks the class a question, Aubree is always the first to answer. She continues to soak up everything and quickly. Dean brought the girls to the library this weekend and Aubree picked up a book with one word per page and she started to sound them out on her own. Dean said she read four or five words. We had no idea she could do that. She listens to Ayla while she reads and does homework and seems to be learning a few things right along with her. Her teacher says she is a deep thinker, which we've always thought. The things she says and asks are things we don't feel a 3-year old normally says and asks. It has been so fun to see her growing so much. The only thing her teacher said she's had issues with is getting her to stop what she's doing and moving on to the next activity. Sounds about right...she does what she wants!

And Ayla--she is also doing very well and has improved so much since her last conference.  She is excelling in all areas and has already hit end-of-year goals in a couple of areas. She has changed so much in the last few months--her handwriting has gotten so nice and her ability to read is amazing. It all happens so fast. It's crazy to think that less than six months ago, she started kindergarten with such basic knowledge. Now she can read, write, and do math. Incredible. As I've said before, I love when they're doing well academically, but what I love more is hearing about THEM. Their character, their personalities. Her teacher said she is a great listener, responds well to feedback, and is a kind little girl. Kind. I love that. That makes me more proud than anything else. She says she treats everyone well and gets along with whomever she is with...she said she could be friends with anyone.

I am so proud of them...they are so different, but are both amazing little people in their own little ways. :)

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