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Storm watching

I posted an Instagram picture of this a few weeks ago.  I forgot that I had taken a few more on my camera. The girls pulled up their little chairs with their snacks and watched the rain. :)


Last month, Ayla went with me to take some pictures of our friends.  She was my little helper in getting baby Fiona to look at the camera. :)


Ayla and Piper

2nd Annual UGLY Sweater Party

Last year, while we were in Ohio for Thanksgiving, Marla and I decided to throw an ugly sweater party after we got home. Good times, so we decided to do it again. :) So. Much. Fun. I made a makeshift photo booth in the girls' play room.  I'm always so obsessed with wanting to get pictures of everything so I figured this way, I wouldn't have to worry about it and who doesn't like photo booths?  I put wrapping paper on the wall, found a bunch of super fun props at Target, and set up my little point and shoot camera on a tripod with instructions on how to set the self-timer.

And THIS was the hilarious outcome.  The next morning, we had a freaking ball looking at all of the pictures. We ended up with over 100 photos.  I only picked a portion of them to post (as the night went on, the pictures became sillier as everyone continued to drink), but I LOVE them.  All of them.  Everyone came dressed to impress.  Such a fun night with fun people.  Exactly what we needed to kick off the holiday season!  I'm already looking forward to next year's party. :)