Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I feel like I've been slacking on the photos and figured I should get some posted before I started getting phone calls from the Grandmas (love you, Moms!) :)

This is just another random collection of pictures from the last couple of weeks...I can't believe how quickly they're both growing.  Where does the time go?

Our little Rapunzel...still the girliest of all girly-girls.

Look who has JUST enough hair for the cutest little single pigtail ever?!  I LOVE it!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

More steps!

The day after I put up Aubree's 11-month post, she started taking a few steps at a time with some coaxing.  She's still very very cautious so it may be a while longer before she's comfortable enough to take off on her own.  Still exciting though!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aubree: 11-months

11-months?!  In one month, my baby will be considered a toddler.  How did this happen?  

Our little photo session today was no bueno.  I actually tried two different times to take pictures of her and neither time went very well.  She didn't want anything to do with it.  Sigh.  I figured they accurately depicted the way she is right now...crazy, silly, and constantly on-the-go...drool, funny faces, and all.  

I don't think she ever stops moving.  If she's not crawling, she's cruising along whatever will hold her up.  She continues to stand alone but will not take more than one step.  She's become more steady while she stands and can squat down and stand back up without falling over.  Of course I'm excited for her to start walking, but she's going to be even more trouble at that point. :)  She keeps finding more things to get into...things I never even imagined she would think mess with.  She has started climbing onto things--low chairs, toys, etc.  I'm considering putting a helmet and pads on her so I'm not so paranoid about her getting hurt.  And I'm only half-kidding about that.

She is eating all table foods now and loving every bite.  She smacks her little lips when she sees food. :) She has not refused a single thing we've given her.  She seriously eats everything.  Fruits, veggies, meat, bread, cheese...everything...and a LOT of it.  Sometimes I don't really know when to stop feeding her because she just keeps going.  She eats three regular meals a day plus snacks in between that are pretty much mini-meals and four bottles.  She has finally figured out how to drink from a sippy cup.  I'm hoping in this next month, we can get rid of her bottles.

She's hitting the "I-love-Elmo" stage.  When he's on tv, she's in a of her only still moments.  She adores this Elmo toy that we have that plays a bunch of different songs.  As soon as the music starts, her whole face lights up in a big ol smile and she dances.  It's so darn cute.  She pretty much dances to any kind of music...she sways back and forth and bounces.  Love it.

She claps her hands when you tell her to in Chinese, waves bye-bye, gives high-fives, points to things that she wants, gives us things when we say "give it to Mommy" (or whoever).  She babbles a lot and she seems to make the same sounds about the same things so she must have her own little words for certain things.  I can't decide if I can officially declare a first word yet.  She'll repeat things, but I don't know if she knows what she's saying.  Either way, her "words" are cute...especially when she looks at me like she's really trying to tell me something.

She's getting more teeth in.  She has her two bottom ones and oddly enough, her two side ones on top came in next so she looks like a little vampire.  Her two top middle ones are finally starting to pop through.  Her hair seems to be growing at a painfully slow rate.  I can't get any bows in yet!  The back is thickening up...but the top?  Not so much.  I'm afraid she's going to end up with a baby mullet.

She adores her big sister even when big sister is annoyed with her.  Typical, huh? :)  She also loves Kody but had a habit of pulling entire handfuls of fur out.  We've since taught her how to pet him nicely.  I think Kody appreciates it. :) 

She is awesome.  She is amazing.  She is the happiest baby in the world.  And she's all mine.

During our tornado of a photo session, I put her on the changing table, thinking I could get her to sit still for more than half a second.  Nope.  She stood up.  On the table.

She always makes this cute scrunchy face.

She kept crawling away from me so she could go play.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


 I totally forgot about these pictures!  Just a couple batches of random ones.  First several are from SuperBowl night.  I took a few cute ones of Ayla playing with Grandpa and Grandma.  Somehow Grandpa got suckered into playing hair salon. :)

Making and eating pretend sandwiches with Grandma...super cute set of felt  sandwich pieces made by Melissa & Doug.  I love their toys.

Second bunch of pictures are of Miss Aubree standing on her own and using her walker like a little pro.  She can stand for quite a while without holding on to anything but when we try to get her to take a step toward us, she basically just dives into our laps.  She's taken a single step or two here and there but I think they were on accident.