Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

This. ❤️ This is what I'll miss someday when they're grown and don't want to snuggle with me anymore.

Their little heads snuggled up against my neck and shoulder is quite possibly the greatest feeling in the world. They fit so perfectly there.  It dawned on my when I snagged Aubree as she walked by me to give her some squeezes that someday, sooner than I think, I won't be able to just pick her up like that and put her on my lap.  It's exciting to see them growing up and being able to do new things with them but they're just so darn cute when they're this tiny. :)

Picnic after the last day of VBS. They all had such a FUN week!! :)

As always, Ayla had soo much fun at vacation bible school this week AND Miss Aubree survived and loved her first activity away from us. :)  Her group teacher said they really enjoyed having both of them.  I talked to her a little bit about Aubree--she said she did great, was a blast, and definitely speaks her mind.  Oh dear.  I can only imagine what came out of her mouth!  She also said Ayla was a great big sister and was very helpful with Aubree. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Aubree drove the jeep for the first time (Ayla was not impressed since she now has to share driving time). The look on Aubree's face as she barreled through the yard was one of pure joy.  Her eyes were huge and her mouth was wide open.  So funny.  I was too busy giggling at her to get a picture of it happening. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Apparently I'm not entertaining enough.

Ayla begged and begged to hurry and go outside to play.  Pretty much as soon as we got out there, this is what happened.  Sigh.  Aubree was having a great time but then saw her big sister just sitting there so she decided to do the same thing.  The three of us just ended up sitting in the garage and staring at the street. They usually love being outside...just an off day, I guess. :)

Painting birdhouses

We went to Hobby Lobby and loaded up on projects.  It's such a fun store to just roam around...there's so much to see.  Much to my surprise, the girls were very cooperative and well-behaved in the store.  I was a tiny bit worried about how it would go especially since there isn't a cart large enough to fit both of them in it. They both ended up walking.  This is on my list of top ten scariest things to do because normally, Aubree runs off or takes something fragile off a shelf...or both...but I asked her to stay close to me and not to touch anything and SHE LISTENED.  Hallelujah. :)

They both had fun painting their own birdhouses.  They turned out so cute!  I want to hang them in the trees in our backyard. :)

My little animals

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More dance recital pics

I forgot that I had a few more pictures from Ayla's dance recital on another camera!
Flowers for our little dancer after the performance!

Aubree skipped her nap...can you tell? ;)


Dean and Mike took the girlies fishing at the lake in our neighborhood one afternoon.  Between the three of them, they caught ten fish!  Not bad at all! :)  While they were fishing, Laurie and I got to sneak away and go shopping for a couple of hours. Bonus! :)

Her face looks exactly how mine would look if I was holding up a fish.  So funny.  She's such a girl.

Love these two pictures of Aubree and Kody.  :)

Zoo and Old Market Slides

We couldn't have picked a better day to go to the zoo with Laurie, Mike, and Amber.  The temperature was just perfect.  It was a really fun day!  Our zoo is so addition to all the animals, there are plenty of other things to keep the kids entertained so when the girls started to get restless, we'd stop and play. :)

Don't they look like they could be sisters?!

Lunch time by the playground!


The next several pictures are at the Fossil Dig.  It looks like sand, but it was tiny pieces of rubber.  There were fossil molds that were buried so they had to dig, shovel, and brush until the fossil was revealed.  Super cool.  They loooved it. :)

Petting zoo!

The next day, we went downtown to stroll around the Farmer's Market, grabbed lunch, and went down the Old Market slides a few times.  I had forgotten how huge and fast these slides were.  The first ride down, I found myself gritting my teeth.

Amber's face is so awesome in this one! :)