Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ayla's 4-year check-up

Ayla's 4-year check-up was last week. I was super worried about the three shots she was going to receive. Last time we were there, Dr. Davey told me not to tell her ahead of time because at this age, they'll fret too much. I felt so bad not talking to her about it! We went through the whole appointment with no issues. Healthy all around...just needs to eat better. No surprise there. She weighed in at 31.1 pounds (15th percentile) and is 3'4 3/4" tall (67th percentile).

When Dr. Davey was done, he made her a balloon animal and told her she could pick out some treats and stickers after the appointment. As soon as the nurse came back in, Ayla knew what was going to happen. :( She protested a bit but actually did really really really well. She whimpered and cried just a little bit but was fine by the time we sat her up. I think she was more in shock than anything else and needed to process it. Poor thing. It went much better than expected. I was picturing her screaming and running down the hall. Such a brave girl. She even took the band-aids off herself that might. :)

No more shots until she is 12! Woo-hoo!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Faces of Aubree

Aubree has some of the best facial expressions...her "cheese" face is so awesome.  All squishy and cute. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ayla's Birthday!

Am I behind or what?!  Here are pictures from Ayla's actual birthday. :)  In the first several pictures, she's showing off the birthday hat she got to wear at preschool the day before.  She's also wearing her "birthday princess dress."  She had to stand up and show it off a bit with a few poses. :)

 Her birthday wasn't complete without a wardrobe change...
Aunt Marla came home with a little birthday treat for her.

Always happy to have Daddy home from work.

Uncle Tom also came over...with balloons!

Pre-dinner dance party in the living room with Daddy and Aubree!

For dinner, Aunt Marla had a super cute idea--let Ayla pick what everyone should eat!  When I asked her, she, with no hesitation, said "Waffles with cream cheese!"  Ask and you shall receive.  Along with the cream cheese, we also had butter, syrup, whipped cream, and berries.  She ended up choosing whipped cream and then I gave her a bowl of raspberries and blueberries to "decorate" her waffle.  She thought it was pretty cool and got a kick out of seeing everyone eat waffles for dinner with her. :)

Oooh, whipped cream!

Ready to open presents!

Reading books with Uncle Tom

Strutting around in Grandma's shoes!

She also requested an ice cream cake...I took her to Dairy Queen that afternoon and she picked the biggest one they had. :)  

So happy! :) Love this picture!

I don't even remember getting these next series of pictures taken...it was a fun little discovery when I uploaded all of them.  Obviously, we were trying to get a nice family photo...and obviously, that didn't work out.  They turned out even better.  They crack me up and depict our life just perfectly. :) Hilarious.