Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gestational diabetes test...

So I just received a call from a nurse at my doctor's office and she said the results from my gestational diabetes test were a bit high. She said normal levels range from 70 to 130 and mine was at 140. YIKES.

Sooooo, they want me to go back in for more tests this Friday morning at 8:00. I have to fast for 12 hours before the tests and I'll unfortunately have to hang out at the doctor's office for about 3 1/2 hours. Good times.

I'll keep you all posted on what those results are...I honestly don't even know what it means if they still come back high. Probably quit eating so much?!?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I bought a pack of newborn-size Pampers Swaddlers today (there was a coupon in the Sunday ads, so I figured I'd go grab some.) I couldn't resist opening them JUST to see. They might be the cutest little things I've ever seen...cute enough to hang from my rearview mirror. Seriously, they're so tiny!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another appointment down...

I just got back from my monthly regular doctor is out of town this week, so I had the same nurse practitioner that we had for our very first appointment. My mom went with me again and I was telling her how I've been really happy with all the nurses and doctors so far...they've all been so great!

Today I had to drink that orange stuff to check for gestational diabetes...I was expecting it to taste completely disgusting because of what I've heard from other people, but honestly, if I didn't know any better, I would've thought it was a bottle of orange pop. Not bad at all! They had to draw a vial of blood for the test and I'm assuming they'll contact me if something comes up.

We did the usual tummy measurement and listened to PIP's heartbeat (it was around 140bpm). I asked her if she could tell how the baby is positioned and which parts were where. Right away, she said her head is down and she helped me feel the curve of her back on the left and then a little knee on the right. How crazy! She said it's perfectly fine to "play" with her and poke around to get her to move. That was actually one of my questions because Dean and I are always pushing (lightly) on my stomach to see where she is and what we can feel.

Ooh and I only gained 3.6 pounds this month (much better than the whopping 7 pounds from the month before...I must have had a few too many bowls of ice cream.)

Starting now, I'll have appointments every two weeks instead of four weeks. It's hard to believe we're already at that point! In another month (at 32 weeks) we'll have that ultrasound that I mentioned a while back to check the position of the placenta. Hopefully it has shifted up and out of the way. I'm not too worried about it though...more than anything, I'm excited to be able to see her on the ultrasound!

As you may have noticed in my belly picture above, I chopped my hair off! I was ready for a change and figured it'd grow back in no time if I didn't like it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I forgot to mention in my entry yesterday that I felt her hiccuping! I was sitting at the edge of the pool at my brother's house with my mom and Lindsey while my dad and Haylee were swimming when I felt a couple tiny little twitches. I sat really still and looked down at my stomach and every couple seconds, there was a was very rhythmic and only lasted a few minutes, but it was fun to see and feel. I told Dean I almost felt bad for her though...sometimes hiccups are no fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A week at the Cabin

Dean and I just got home from our week-long trip to Wisconsin! I can't believe it's already over! We were gone for nine days and it didn't feel like anything longer than a does that work?! It was really nice to be able to spend time with family! And just a side-note...I realize it's important to eat a little more while I'm pregnant, but during our trip, I think I ate enough to be having quadruplets. No kidding. Guess what?! Grandpa (Peterson) FINALLY felt PIP move while we were up there!!! They were just two tiny little kicks, but he felt them! She's been pretty stubborn with soon as he puts his hand on my stomach to feel her move, she stops! Hopefully he'll get to feel some of the bigger ones!

While we were gone, I noticed a LOT more big movements...the tiny little kicks and flutters have almost completely given way to huge rolls and pushes. I even saw either an elbow or knee drag from one side of my stomach to the other. Very weird sensation, but I love it! It's crazy to watch her shift sides and distort my belly! I got noticeably bigger this week...I kind of felt like I had grown, but I didn't take much time to really look at myself in the mirror. When we got home last night, I was in the bathroom and decided to lift up my shirt to check it out...holy BELLY!!! I am ROUND.

This trip was our last baby-free vacation together...our next trip will be to Ohio for Thanksgiving and at that point, she will be about 6 weeks old. Dean and I have gone on some great trips in the past several months though, so I'm not complaining! Chicago a couple times, San Diego, and Tucson. And to be perfectly honest, I'm great with not traveling again before she arrives...the 9-hour trip home yesterday seemed a lot longer! My back started to bother me towards the end so I was really ready to get home.

Remember how I was saying that getting out of a car had started to become a bit of a struggle? Well, the situation hasn't improved. Neither has standing up from any sitting or lying position. It always makes me shake my head and giggle at myself because I THINK my body is moving to get up, but then I realize I have not budged. It either takes a couple of tries or Dean heads over to pull me up (he giggles at me too.) My calves have started cramping while I'm asleep...not gonna lie, it sucks. It's not every night, at least! My feet get just a little bit swollen by the end of the evening...they're not too bad yet, however, even when they're not swollen, I feel like they look wider. If they don't go back to normal after having the baby and I can no longer cram my feet into all of my cute heels, there will be huge problems. Huge. Let's all keep our fingers crossed...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

GREAT 4th of July weekend!

I hope everyone had a great LONG 4th of July weekend! Certainly can't get enough of those! It was also Dean's 29th birthday this weekend (Saturday the 5th).

On Thursday night, we just stayed home and relaxed and played a few games of rummy (sp?)...just for the record, I kicked Dean's butt!!

On Friday, we did stuff around the house and had some friends over to watch our neighbor's fireworks show...Meghan and Chris brought little Heidi over all decked out in a cute 4th of July outfit! She did GREAT! She actually slept through most of the noise! PIP was pretty still through the smaller booms, but once the big ones started going, she was moving all over the place.

For Dean's birthday on Saturday, we ran a few errands during the day and then had a yummy dinner with the fam and headed out for a few birthday drinks/waters. Dean didn't give all of us too many ideas for what he wanted for his birthday...basically, he said he needed some new polos...that's it. SOOO, between both sets of parents and myself, he received 11 polos. Eleven. I think he'll be more serious about ideas when Christmas rolls around.

And today, Sunday, we slept in and eventually made it out of the house around 2:00p (we're bums). We went to Babies R Us to finally finish up our registry...we needed a break after doing our Target one! It's still so overwhelming! Hopefully we covered everything! We had a really early dinner and then we went to a movie...we saw WALL-E...very cute! PIP was rolling around during the entire movie...I think she liked it too.

We finished painting the wall shelf for the nursery...the last thing that had to be done. Now it just has to be hung up and we're good to go. Hopefully we'll get that up this week sometime. I'll get pictures posted then!

I was telling Dean today that although I'm still feeling well, I can definitely feel my body slowing down a bit. Getting in and out of cars is starting to get a little annoying...I feel like I have to roll out and just hope for the best. Ok, it's not THAT bad, but it does take some more does getting off the couch or any other sitting position. And I get random little aches and pains here and there...mostly in my feet and legs...I'm still trucking along though!

This coming weekend, we're going on vacation!!! We're heading up to our cabin in Wisconsin for a whole week! We're planning on leaving early Saturday'll be about an 8 to 9-hour drive...possibly longer since more bathroom breaks will most likely be needed this time. This is a yearly summer trip, but last year Dean and I didn't get to go because of a cruise we decided to go on, so we're both anxious to get up there. It's always a relaxing, low-key week...a great time to read, play games, and spend time with family (I think there will be 10 of us 2 dogs!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I had my monthly check-up today. My doctor was only 15 minutes late!!!! That's nothing compared to the typical hour I spend reading random charts in the room! I was pretty happy about it! My mom went with me...she thought it would be fun to see what appointments are like these days. Everything was normal and right on track...I can't hear that enough. She found the heartbeat right away, but only for a few seconds...PIP kept wiggling from one end to the other! She eventually got her to stop moving long enough to get a good count.

And the kicker--I've officially gained 20 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. Crazy!!
At my next appointment, I get to drink that weird orange stuff so they can check for gestational diabetes. Not really looking forward to it!