Friday, April 26, 2013

Bubble beard!

Cupcake time!

Too much fun with Grandma!  :)

Birthday dinner

We went to Tommy Calina's for Aubree's birthday dinner. The key point? They have a giant chalkboard wall so the girls were entertained before and after we ate. :) Dean was, unfortunately, out of town for work so his parents, my parents, and Marla were there. I love having our families so close!

"No more pictures, Mommy."

Ayla drew this...she eventually had the entire family drawn (holding hands). So cute. :)


Aunt Marla came over with balloons for Aubree on her birthday, including one that was the size of Ayla. :)  I think Marla, my parents, and Dean, we had about three dozen balloons in the house.  Spoiled little lady. :) Marla also brought some little chocolate cupcakes that were the perfect size for dessert when we got home from dinner.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crazy birthday girl!

These pictures are from Aubree's actual birthday (yes, a whole month ago).  I took all of these plus more in a matter of minutes, which is hilarious because it's HER. It's like a glimpse into her little world--busy, busy, busy and all over the place.

I knew that as soon as we started out with this one, it wasn't going to go as planned. :)

Ayla was much more cooperative!

I love any picture of the two of them together.

Hey, why not try to stick a koosh ball in my ear?

This one makes me laugh--right after I took it, she said very seriously, "Lemme see.  Lemme see."  She ran over , took one quick look and said, "Oh.  I mad." and ran off.  She really wasn't mad...this was her best "cheese" face. :)

She kept running toward me while I was trying to take these pictures, so I ended up with a bunch of extreme close-ups, which I ended up loving.  Those adorable little features up close and personal.  Love it.