Friday, April 10, 2015

Cell phone photo purge

I haven't done this in forever...these are just the most recent pictures from my phone. I'm sure I have hundreds more from past months.

Fun day with Aunt Marla!

For part of Marla's birthday present to Aubree, she took the girls for the day and brought them to a much-anticipated trip to the Omaha Children's Museum. They. Could. Not. Wait. They went out to lunch, then the museum, and stopped at Dairy Queen before coming home. Not only was it a gift to the girls, it was a gift in disguise to Dean and me. After we dropped the girls off at Marla's, we went and got brunch and a couple of friends met us for some drinks. Sunday Funday! I don't remember the last time we were able to do this. It was so much fun!!

They started with lunch at Spaghetti Works

The museum!

Her face! Lol!

Our TEN Year Anniversary!

Dean and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on April 2nd! Crazy!! How time flies! Dean took the day off from work and we had a great day! After we dropped the girls off at school, we went over to Scooter's and had some coffee and just relaxed for a little while. Something so simple, but something we don't get to do together very often. After that, we went and got pedicures! Dean's first one! :) I think he felt a little weird at first, but there's no way he didn't think that it was a nice way to start the day! :) We stopped in a couple stores and then had to go pick up Aubree from preschool. From there, we headed downtown for lunch and then back out west to pick up Ayla from school. We attempted to take a nice family walk at that point but long story short, halfway through, I was carrying two scooters and coaxing Aubree to keep walking and Dean was carrying a screaming Ayla because she had flipped off her scooter and walking Kody at the same time. Good times. It was a circus. 

Dean's parents came over after work to watch the girls so we could go out to dinner. One of our new favorites is J. Coco. Soooo yummy. The food was amazing, we shared a great bottle of wine, and enjoyed being able to sit and talk with no interruptions. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Aubree's artwork. :)

Dean and I had this wine on our 5th anniversary and LOVED it. He bought another bottle last year and we saved it to drink on our 10-year. Delicious.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started with our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. A lot of work putting it all together and the whole thing is over in literally a minute and a half. All 3,000 eggs picked up in that little time! All the kids love it though. :)

In the afternoon, the girls dyed some eggs...each year it gets a bit easier. The couple years before were a little hairy with Miss Aubree. :) She did just fine this time though and actually enjoyed it. And of course, Ayla was loving it. Anything to do with coloring and crafts, she's all about it.

Easter morning, we had an egg hunt in our house after the girls checked out their Easter baskets.

Ayla geeking out over chocolate bunnies. :) Girl loves her chocolate.

In the afternoon, the girls put their Easter outfits on to go over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner.

My little model. :)

Aubree was soo tired so she lounged with Aunt Marla for a little while.