Thursday, May 30, 2013

Afternoon walk

After Ayla's hair appointment, Marla suggested going for a walk around the lake in our neighborhood. We ended up veering off and checking out a cool, treed area that we've never walked through before. It was beautiful!! HUGE old oak trees everywhere. I think I may have discovered a new spot to take pictures.

Finally a haircut for Ayla!

Ayla has been asking for MONTHS to get her hair cut. I finally made an appointment for this afternoon. She was beyond thrilled. :) This is only the second haircut she's ever gotten so it was much needed. We took a little over four inches off and put in some long layers. She also requested some side-swept bangs. I was a little nervous about those but they're still long enough that they blend in with the rest of her hair so we can easily clip them back if we have to. It looks soo much healthier!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kids' table!! :)

We had an impromptu get-together with Dean's boss, another co-worker, and their families last night.  The kids ran wild and had such a fun time with each other...and as always, it was great to see friends and have some adult interaction. :)

We had a great long weekend overall.  We didn't have any set plans but ended up getting to see and spend time with several friends.  Good times. :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We had a surprise visitor earlier this evening!! :)

Aubree's popsicle was melting faster than she could eat it.  She basically had a nasty, sticky, fistful of a drippy mess.  And of course the moment Ayla's started to drip, she abandoned ship and handed it off to Dean.  I think at that point, she had only had two or three bites.  That kid does not like to be dirty. :)

Kids enjoying some Popsicles :)

We had a fun day yesterday--the weather ended up being pretty nice and it didn't storm until the middle of the night.  After Aubree's nap, we went outside and played for the rest of the day.  My parents stopped by for just a little bit to squeeze the girls and our friends, Johnathan and Syd also came by to hang out for a couple of hours.  And much to our surprise, some friends from Iowa dropped by for a quick visit as well.  Fun, busy day and I even let the girls stay up a little later than usual. *GASP* :)

Village Pointe fun!

We went out to breakfast yesterday morning and then went over to Village Pointe to stroll around and stop at Scheel's to ride the ferris wheel.  Aubree is just shy of the height requirement to ride it so maybe by the end of this summer she'll be able to do it!

Family selfie! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aubree: 2-years

Two-years and two months...but who's counting? :)  This little lady is not easy to photograph.  She's either running away from me or running at me as fast as she can so she can see the picture in the camera.  I chased her around for several minutes yesterday and as usual, we have a mish-mash of pictures but they're so her.  A few of them are blurry, but I just couldn't delete them...her expressions are priceless. :)

I was trying to get her to smile without furrowing her eyebrows and looking worried.  The only way we can even get close is if I ask her to show me her teeth.  :)  We're working on it...

I love this face.

Pretending to sleep.

I love this one.  She is so in love with her blankie.  It's so sweet when she tucks it up next to her face and neck and snuggles with it.

See?  This is the worried "cheese" smile.