Thursday, September 25, 2008


Since Dean and I have been married, he always kisses me somewhere on my face (whatever's not buried in the sheets or pillows) before he leaves for work. This morning, he leaned down and kissed my belly too, to say bye to PIP. It was so sweet... He's going to be the cutest dad...I've been teasing him about how I think he's going to be a big softie when it comes to his baby girl.

37 weeks today! If PIP were to arrive today, she'd be considered full-term!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dinner with friends...and another appointment

Last night, Dean and I had some friends over for dinner...Jim & Lacy, who is pregnant (due Oct.21st), and their 1 1/2-year old son, Jase; Bill & Taylor, who is also preggers (with TWINS! Due in November, but is good to go on Oct.17th); and Ryan & Katie (who just had a baby, Karter, a couple weeks ago) and their 2 1/2-year old son, Kaden. It was a really good time! We ate dinner and just hung out and was fun to share preggo stories and also get great advice from the girls. We definitely need to get together more often...especially once all the babies are here. It would be so fun to be in the hospital at the same time as Lacy and Taylor...we're all basically due within five days of eachother! Babies everywhere! I love it!
Lacy (due 10/21-boy), me (due 10/16-girl), Taylor (basically due 10/17-twins-boy & girl), and Katie (w/Karter, born 9/5)
I have a confession. And some of you already know this...but I'm kind of afraid to hold teeny-tiny little babies! That's not good considering I'm three weeks away from having one of those teeny-tiny babies, but I'm sure it'll be different with my own...right?? I LOVE babies and it's not that I don't WANT to hold them, but when they're THAT small, I feel like they're so fragile! No worries...I'll get over it!

I had an appointment this afternoon...everything is still looking good! I told my doctor about how she flipped back and forth last week. She wanted to do a quick ultrasound on a laptop in the same exam room to make sure her head was still down. I was so excited to see PIP was a nice surprise! Her head IS still down, which is great and we got in really close to her face. Her cheeks are still chubby!!! And we saw her eyes opening and closing and she was moving her mouth around. It's sooooooo cool to see! I wish Dean would have been there with me to see her!
The doctor also showed me her spine, arms, hips, and legs...she's right where I thought she was. I asked how big she might be and she said since I've been measuring pretty much right where I'm supposed to be each time, she thinks she'll be between 7 1/2 to 8 pounds! I was kind of surprised to hear that! I was only 6 pounds 2 ounces when I was born and I sort of just assumed that PIP would be smaller like that. Who knows though...we'll only know for sure when she's born! She also checked my cervix...not dilated at all, but a good amount of softening. From here on out, I have appointments once a week to see how I'm progressing.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been kind of crabby the past couple of days...and emotional. It's making me feel a little C-R-A-Z-Y. I'm starting to get really anxious/nervous/stressed out about everything and anything that comes to mind. I keep telling myself to quit worrying about whatever I've chosen to worry about at the moment and that it's all going to be fine...but once that passes, I move on to something else. Blah. What's with me?!

Part of my stress is that I'll probably be done working after this next week. I thought I'd be thrilled about it, but for some reason, I'm weirded out. Maybe it's because in the 12 years that I've worked there, the longest break I've taken is about ten days...and now all of a sudden, I won't be there for a couple months. SO odd to think about. I know the minimal amount of hours I've been working will be easily covered and my mom and brother will be there, of course...AND we have amazing people working for us. So what's to worry, right?

Sorry, I feel like I'm being pretty negative's just one of those days again. I haven't had many, but there have been a few where I feel like I just need to retreat to my room and not talk to anybody until I can be nice and normal again. It's like freaking PMS-city times ten. Do the math...THAT'S pretty bitchy...

On to something better...PIP,of course! (Who, as we speak, is trying to poke her foot through my belly.) Remember how just last week, I mentioned her flipping to the other side? Well, she didn't like that side as much because she decided to flip back a few nights ago. I don't know if I said it before, but I had asked my doctor if it was possible for her to flip over like that and she said yes, but it would take a couple big contractions in order for her to do it and I would definitely feel it. The first time she did it, I didn't feel a thing...I just woke up to her kicking on the opposite side. THIS time was completely different. I woke up a couple times to what felt like a stomach ache and it just got worse and worse. I switched positions a couple times to see if it would go away. It didn't. So then I decided to sit up...still no good. Finally, I got out of bed and tried to walk it off...ouch. I couldn't even stand up straight. I started to get a little panicky because I didn't know what was going on. Dean was out of town in Kansas City, so I was thisclose to calling someone, but didn't want to freak anyone out since it was 4 in the morning. Eventually, the pain went away...I don't know when it actually started while I was sleeping, but once I was awake, it only lasted about 20 minutes or so. Pretty soon after it stopped hurting, I felt her kicking back on the original side and I realized that she had flipped back and that was why I was contracting. HOPEFULLY she stays put from here on out!

Dean modeling PIP's new tutu that I made for her Halloween costume...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've hit a wall...

That's about how I feel right now. A lot of people have been telling me all along that once I get to my last couple of months or so, I'm going to feel it and it's not going to be a good feeling. Well, I've made it to my last month and I get it now. I've honestly felt just fine (give or take a few days here and there) up until the past several days.

Last week, work was just too much...I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up...I couldn't walk any faster! I felt like I was ok for a little while, but after literally speed-walking for two straight hours, I was done! Business has been great, but geez, I could use a slow day once in a while (great business-owner I am, huh?) And today was a struggle...I got my slow day, but I still didn't have the energy to be there. My energy level is quickly diminishing and I don't like it!!! I'm working the rest of this week and I was hoping to work the following one as well (it would be my last week)...but we'll see how the next couple of days go. I'm not doing anyone any favors by being at work and not being able to keep creates more work for whoever's there with me!

My hands and feet are swollen and achy and I'm losing the non-waddling battle. Hehe. It's funny what I used to take advantage of...walking like a normal person, being able to get out of bed or off the couch without considering the use of a crane or wedge of some sort, slipping on shoes and not having to cross my fingers that they'll fit. All part of the experience, right?

So Miss PIP must have gotten bored with being on the same side of my belly all these months because a couple days ago, she decided to flip-flop to the other side to check things out. Her back was always on the left and feet on the right...I woke up a few mornings ago to kicks on the left and her back on the right! Weird! I didn't think she had enough room to move like that. Ever since then, my belly has felt soooooo tight! I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not...maybe I'm just not used to her being on the other side...she's stretching out a different area now. I'm assuming that when it's really tight and uncomfortable, I'm getting those Braxton-Hicks contractions? They've been happening more frequently since she flipped sides. I feel like my belly isn't even round anymore! It starts to resemble a cube sometimes...depending on her movements and BH contractions...maybe even a hexagon.

I've started a pile of stuff that we need to bring to the hospital...I've been wanting to get it done for a few weeks now, so it feels good to have all the major things ready to go. With just a month to go, you just never know when it could happen! YIKES! As long as it isn't in the next few days...Dean is on his way to Kansas City right now for work and won't be home til Thursday evening...I'm trying not to be worried about it, but I'm really good at worrying these days.

Tonight is our last baby class...since Dean has to miss it, Marla (Dean's sister) offered to go with me! I actually wanted to ask someone to go, but didn't want to put them on the spot and potentially bore them to it was really nice of her to ask if I wanted her to go with me. I'm excited she'll be there with me! It's about newborn care, so it should be useful information. I told Dean I'd take notes and he could practice with my old baby doll...diapers, swaddling, etc.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Class, appointment, and more shower stuff...

Last night's class was all about breastfeeding and it was full of useful lie! Up until the hospital tour, I felt like I wasn't really learning anything! So, our instructor is a very nice lady...she's probably 60-something...she's a grandmother and likes to tell stories about her little grandkids. She's ALSO very hands-on with her own body when she's explaining things...sorta kinda super awkward. A couple classes ago, she was rubbing her own belly to show us how to massage our preggo bellies...not TOO weird, I suppose, but heading to class last night, I was a lil worried. Breastfeeding=boobs. See what I'm getting at?? So she starts talking about how to hold the baby to breastfeed and she says...I kid you not, "I'm real comfortable with my body, but they probably wouldn't be too happy if I were to just show I have a boob-puppet instead." AGH. So if it wasn't an issue with whomever's in charge of her, she'd had whipped out a boob for all of us to see. Weird. Thank goodness she didn't do that, but she proceeded to use her boob through her shirt. I know we're all adults here, but really? Is that necessary? But anyways...enough rambling about that...the class itself gave us a lot of good info...we'll just leave it at that!

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Everything is still looking good! PIP's heartbeat was at 150 bpm and she's in the right position...head right on my bladder! My doctor said my belly is measuring "perfectly" so to all the strangers who like to tell me I'm "not big enough," HA! The only issue she had was about my feet...they're expanding and I had them crammed into shoes that didn't agree. I'm supposed to elevate them more often. I'll admit, I'm pretty bad about doing that. I'm on my feet the whole time I'm at work and once I get home, I find things I want to do around the house...I think this whole nesting thing is starting to wane (I went a little crazy for a couple weeks) so maybe I won't have the urge to run around as much.

And more about my shower...I felt like I was too rushed yesterday while I was writing about it! I don't know if I mentioned that it was a Hawaiian/Luau theme...Meghan ordered a bunch of cookies and cupcakes with bright frosting. My favorite was the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and crushed Butterfinger on top...and a paper umbrella. It was like a tiny beach on a cupcake...somehow Meghan thought they were supposed to be volcanoes?? Hehe. Jamie bought a bunch of cute little Hawaiian-themed clothes from Old Navy and hung them up on twine as part of the decorations...PIP's going to look all cute and tropical next summer!

Lindsey, me, Jamie, and Meghan
After everyone got some food, we all sat down and everyone introduced themselves and we played the string game. A ball of yarn was passed around and everyone had to cut off how big around they thought I was. They all came up one at a time to wrap their yarn around me to see who was the closest. It was pretty funny! A lot of people were WAY off, but my friend, Sheila was RIGHT on. She's good. Before I started opening presents, Jamie passed out Bingo cards with various baby items on them. If I opened a gift that included one of the items on the Bingo card, they could cross it out. It got a little competitive for a while! We had a couple winners before a third of the presents were even opened! After that, everyone was just forced to watch without a game to play. I tried not to drag it out too long!!

My nephew, Bennett, and niece, Haylee, hanging out with Meghan's little Heidi.

My mom and me
Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a lot of fun!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Shower!

My baby shower was yesterday! A HUGE THANK YOU to Jamie, Meghan, and Lindsey for organizing and planning it. All three of you are busy moms with busy schedules...I really appreciate you taking the time to do all that for was perfect! (Thank you Lindsey and Ping for letting us have it at your house!!)

Thank you to all of my family and friends...I'm still overwhelmed at all the great things we received!!! I think we could open a Babies R Us! We might have to move the nursery into the entire basement to make room! You've made Dean and I more prepared than ever for PIP! Thank you not just for my shower and the gifts, but for the love, friendship, advice, and encouragement that has been given to me in the last several months. You all mean soooo much to me...PIP is going to be one lucky little baby to have all of you in her life. I can't wait for her to meet everyone. A little over a month to go!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long weekend...

We had a nice Labor Day weekend...PIP experienced her first Huskers game on Saturday! Dean and I had friends over to watch the game against Western Michigan on Pay-per-View and I think when everyone cheered, she was cheering with us...she was really active throughout the entire game. She also received her very first Huskers onesie and pacifier from our friend, Angel, so she'll be all decked out for the games after she arrives!

On Sunday night, we went over to Meghan and Chris's house to hang out. Their little baby girl, Heidi, is almost three months old and is adorable as ever! They gave us all kinds of advice and pointers...hearing it all, along with being around Heidi, made us even more anxious for PIP to get here! We can't wait!!!

Monday, we went on an early picnic with Dean's was a beautiful morning and the food was delicious! On the way home, I started to get really tired! Lately, I've started feeling like I did during the first trimester...just really worn out, but a little different...I'm physically sluggish too, which makes sense since I now have a big belly to lug around! I took a two-hour nap and it felt sooooooo good!

I've read that nesting is when you get bursts of energy and you want to clean, organize, and whatever else to get everything ready for the baby. I'm not feeling these so-called energy bursts, but the past week or so, I've been obsessed with getting things done around the house. I went through our kitchen drawers and reorganized them and threw away a bunch of things and emptied out one whole drawer for PIP's things...I washed most of her clothes...I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed our bathroom floor...I keep thinking of things I want to do and once it's in my mind, I have to do it ASAP.

Overall, I'm still feeling okay! PIP's movements are getting even stronger! I keep thinking she's going to run out of room in there to move so much, but somehow she finds a way. Anytime I'm sitting down, I can feel her little knees and feet on the right side of my belly. I can see little bumps form on my stomach when she moves them! And if I press on them, she squirms away. Fun!

My baby shower is this coming Sunday! I can't believe it's already here...when we were picking out a date, it seemed like it was forever away. I'm so excited for it! Thank you to Jamie, Lindsey, and Meghan for putting it all together!!!