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Omaha Children's Museum

The weekend after New Year's, we took the girls to the Children's Museum.  It is SUCH a great place for kids to run around and play.  Ayla hasn't been since she and I were there for a photo shoot a couple of years ago. (We've seen the ad online but never anywhere else.  When we walked in, there was a big collage of different photos and two of our pictures were on it.  It was fun to see!  Both the girls got a kick out of it.)

Anyways.  It was a great time...I loved watching them run around and explore.  Aubree was wide-eyed and overwhelmed when we first got there.  I think she was in disbelief that she had free reign of the place and could touch anything she wanted. :)  It didn't take long before they were both running all over the place.

Puppet show!

Everyone around my age should remember these giant animal playground pieces that used to be inside Richman Gordman.  I remember going to that store as a little kid and heading straight to the play area while my mom shopped.  So awesome. :)


City bus

Fire truck

Water fun!  This was Ayla's favorite when we brought her when she was a year and a half old.  

I knew Aubree would love it too.  For some reason, it took her a while to finally stick her hands in and play.  By the end, the front of her sweater was pretty wet.

Grocery shopping

This was was a chair that went up and down if you covered or uncovered the suction.

A super cute little theater/stage for them to put on shows.

Super fun day...such a great way to spend a few hours indoors when it's cold outside.  :)

Wang gift opening

Next up was presents at my parents' house.  In the time it takes to go through these pictures is about how long a Christmas gift opening lasts with my family. :)  Eight kids. Total madness for about seven minutes. :) When everything is opened, the living room floor is no longer visible and we have to sift through it all to make sure we're not throwing away a present or a child on accident.  After presents, we ate a LOT, hung out for a bit and headed home to get Aubree down for a nap.  

Another Christmas came and went.  It always happens so quickly!  It was a great one was so nice to have the Stamms (Dean's aunt, uncle, and cousins) here for so long.  It's always so fun to see them...I love being surrounded by family. :)

Peterson-Stamm gift opening

After the girls checked out all of their gifts from Santa, we opened the rest of the gifts from each other.  The girls had fun--Ayla was more into it than she has ever been.  Aubree was all gung-ho about it until about halfway through.  At one point, she was busy playing with her new Barbie Jeep and said she was done opening presents. :)
Natalia's first Christmas with us! :)

Aubree opened these pajamas from Marla and insisted putting them on right away. :) 

LOVE these last few of the girls.