Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

Gonzales visit!!

Meghan, Chris, Heidi, and Lucy were in town so they came over on Tuesday afternoon to play.  It was nice out so we blew up the bounce house for the girls while we had a few drinks. :)  Dean and Chris went and picked up some pizza and wings for dinner once Dean got home from work.  It was a fun afternoon and's always so good to see them.  Maybe, just maybe, they'll move back to Omaha someday!!


Easter Dinner

Dean's fam came over for Easter dinner.  Before we ate, we decided to dye some eggs.  I totally failed at the whole egg dyeing thing...we usually do it the day before Easter so the Easter bunny can hide them for our hunt the next morning.  We did it a day late. Oops.  They still had fun with it!  

The girls love love love Marla's boyfriend's son, Bryson.  He is so sweet and patient with them.  They're always so excited to see him.  Love it. :)

Brunch at Ping and Surina's

After we finished up our little egg hunt at home, we went over to my brother and Surina's house.  My brother whipped up an impromptu brunch for, ohhh, 16 people.  I swear he was Martha Stewart in another life. ;) He also did a last minute hunt for all the kids.  When I do things last minute, I end up with bagged salad and some chips.  Needless to say, he's good. :)

Hiding by the car to check out her eggs.

A bee kept terrorizing the little girls...they took turns freaking out. :)
Any time all the cousins are together for an event or holiday, I feel the need to get a picture of them.  I don't think we've ever gotten one where they're all looking and smiling, but they're still fun to have. :)  Surina was waving her arms up in the air to get them all to look but then Aubree took that as a cue to wave her arms as well and that's exactly what she did in every picture except this first one. Silly Aubree.

Serious little cousin discussion. :)

Easter Morning

On Easter morning, the girls went downstairs to find their baskets and then we had a little indoor Easter egg hunt.  This year, Aubree was much more excited about it.  Every time she found an egg, she'd let out the most awesome little squeal and giggle.  So fun. :)  And Ayla, because I know you and I know someday you'll look at these pictures and ask:  yes, you dressed yourself and no, I have no idea why you picked this combo. ;)  You were too excited about it when you asked me if it looked good to say no.

White Hawk Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt was last Saturday.  It's not so much a hunt, really.  It's more like a two minute run to pick up as many eggs as you can in an open field.  But hey, whatever works. :)  My friend, Molly (who also lives in the neighborhood), and I went and helped stuff Easter eggs earlier in the week.  We stuffed nearly 2,000 of them.  It's amazing how quickly they all got picked up!

Getting ready to start!